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ethomaz said:

DirtyP2002 said:

you said in this thread:

Xbox One met demand (according to you) and will slow down till March. Therefore it reached its peak. You agree that there will be months when the Xbox One will sell more than December 2013 though, which basically means it has not reached its peak yet.

PS4 will also slow down till March. But it has not reached its peak.



Doesn't make any sense to me.

Demand reached its peak... supply > demand already... demand now is slow downing.

PS4 didn't reached the demand peak... there are still demand > supply.


so when will the PS4 reach its peak according to you?


I don't try to be rude, but do you know how retarded it sounds to say "console A reached its peak this month, but there will be other months when it will sell even more!" Do you know what peak actually means?

Imagine not having GamePass on your console...