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To get back on subject I've just finished playing my brand new copy of SSX Blur for 1 1/2 hours, so I got a good impression of it. At first it seemed the controls were going to be hard to get used to, but a few minutes in and I was find with turning and carving, nailing tricks isn't too bad either, what is tough is landing those tricks, and the uber tricks have a neat concept behind them(they give you a specific motion like forming a circle with the wiimote and you have to make it to score. some are hard some are easy) But within 15 minutes I scored 440,000 on the half pipe that's 80,000 higher then the record thats defualted on there. Just to give you an idea of the adjustment. So the controls have a learning curve but all in all ain't bad. Graphically for a Wii game it rates high, it cast the Wii in a new light or anything though. Design of the boards is nice too, I'm quite happy with the game. But above all the sound track makes this game, it's amazing. Instead of going the mtv route in tony hawk games with good alternitive hip hop compilation, they just have one dj mix a whole sountrack, and it's awesome, really addicitive to listen too as the tracks fade into each other seamlessly from board to board, and it's interactive to the game, there is this jam slope that keeps mixing in beats to the song the higher your uber trick meter thing goes, and you really start bobbing your head to the beat when you get into it. So it's pretty sweet.