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NintendoPie said:
Are we permitted to yell "BOMBA!" in this thread, Snik? Because those Castlevania sales have me itching to.

I'm amazed how poorly that game sold. Ironically, a Vita port may have nearly doubled their sales.

I really need to get around to playing it before Lords of Shadow 2 comes out (I'm actually a huge CastleVania fan). I'm a bit miffed with the developers over it though. They didn't make a Vita port apparently because the game really benefitted from 3D... then didn't include stereoscopic 3D with the XBLA/PSN ports. >_<

But it in't the most disappointing sales, because 3rd party software just doesn't seem to sell on 3DS.

I think the most disappointing sales for me are Tearaway because it's pretty much the most interesting, new and innovative release so far in the 8th generation and it's been pretty much completely ignored by gamers despite this. Then I'd say the massive declines seen by the Gears/God of War games. Makes you wonder what the 8th gen big guns will be.

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