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Mr Khan said:

Were they not? I seem to remember numbers suggesting that the first week sales at least would have been higher (either just on Wii U or altogether, i quite forget) if it had launched on time just on Wii U (again, not about any kind of fan-rage for loss of an exclusive, just for the nonsensical decision to take the game away from Wii U owners for 7 months to stroke Microsoft's ego or something). I could be mistaken.

If you're referring to the pre-order numbers here, then yes, they were pretty decent.

It's just, the pre-order numbers here are crap.  Really, really crap.  And I say that out of respect for what ioi does here (even if I do berate him more often than I praise him) but I don't think he has any idea what he's doing with the pre-order numbers.  They'll show games getting like 40-50k pre-orders and then opening with a 10k first week.

I don't think they can be a reliable source for anything, really.