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spemanig said:
Sounds like a challenge... I'm in! I'm a casual gamer and I'm trying to become more "hardcore" by gaming more often.

Will Virtual Console and eshop games count though? Some months won't be a problem for me because there are obvious games I want that will come out in those months, but other months will be more difficult to find something worth buying.

These are games I've already made plan's on getting this year:

- "Hyrule Warriors" (2014)
- Mario Kart 8 (Spring 2014)
- Super Smash Bros. (2014)
- Watch_Dogs (Allegedly March 21, 2014)
- Monolith Soft's "X" (2014)
- Q.U.B.E. Director's Cut (March 2014 allegedly)

With more to be revealed and some games that are already out that I still haven't gotten, I may be able to do this.

Still, I also have my 3DS to think about, but my 3DS may be an Indie machine next year since the only "big" games I've planned on getting are Bravely Default and maybe Super Smash Bros. I'm also planning on downloading REvelation's though, since I've ordered the Circle Pad Pro recently. Everything else is Indie. Particularly, Iron Fall and Retro City Rampage excite me.

Oh god, my wallet.

Revelations and Retro City Rampage are great games.