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Of course i would like to buy even more than a game per month, but it is impossible for me in Brazil cos games are so expensive.
Games I got: Batman Arkham city, zumbi U, WWHD, SM3DW, Pikmin 3, NSMBU/NSLU, (trine, nano assault).
Games I want: Rayman legends, nintendo land, lego city undercover, sonic lost world, W101, tekken, injustice, deus ex, splinter cell, NES remix and batman ark origins.
And among the upcoming games: X, Bayonetta, SSB, Mario kart, DKCTF, Watch dogs,hyrule warriors, project cars, and a lot of indie stuff.
Is much more than i can afford. I have to choose wisely. maybe 1 for each 3 months is what i can afford.