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darkknightkryta said:
0815user said:
darkknightkryta said:

does this sound like he cares about the cocoon society to you?

because to me this sounds more like he's hating the people of cocoon and needs the maker (which by the way is also mentioned) to start from the beginning. as for "Let's save Cocoon... by destroying Cocoon": you can see it as an irony that saving cocoon means destroying cocoon to free it's people from their dependency of fal cie and open their eyes for a new world.


No it dounds like a psychotic guy with some kind of agenda that's never explained because of the bad writing.  Which is what my friend was trying to argue,until me and his brother had to explain to him about Etro, the Door, and the floating snow thing used to open up the door to the maker.

I said that point sarcastically cause it's stupid writing.  They just followed along Bartandalus because of some poorly thought of idea that regular people had the power to destroy Orphan (They don't).  Since the whole reason the 6 of them were branded in the first place was because they needed the magic and summons of a L'cie to destroy Orphan.  Which goes back to stupid writing.  They could easily have let themselves turn into crystals and hope the next people Bartandalus uses figure that out, or just fully obliterate Bartandalus (Which is an option that's never explored since, you know, the Toriyama doesn't know what plot holes are).  I mean, they destroyed Anima, they could have destroyed Bartandalus.  Hell they don't even explain how Anima knew what Bartandalus was planning, or if Bartandalus knew what Anima was planning.  With the two of them dead the other Fal'cie just go back to doing whatever it is they were doing.

Do you want to nitpick now every logical inconsistency and every single detail that's not well explained enough? Because if thats the case, i don't understand how you can enjoy a game where a dream (tidus) manifests into the real world to fight and win against an immortal being (yu yevon) with a group of mortals. oh and by the way: if you tell me now that tidus became more than a dream because he came in contact with sin, how did jecht become more than a dream? if you really want to go on that level you most likely can destroy any jrpg story ever told.

So you're saying the entire purpose of the story is a nitpick?  Really?  The ENTIRE REASON the story happens is NEVER explained outside of datalogs.

I can't remember where it was explicively stated; since it's been a while since I played the game, but they do explain that Jecht got into contact with Sin.  He was training in the ocean, near where Zanarkand was summoned, he trailed a bit too far off into the ocean and got into contact with Sin.  Essentially Tidus was replaying what happened with his father; he would have turned into Sin too had Auron not been there to stop that from happening (They even explained how Auron stayed where he was.)  Though, they didn't outright say it; they hinted it enough that Tidus and Jecht did indeed exist previously(You have to reason that one out yourself though).  Their pyreflies were summoned back to Zanarkand; everyone in Zanarkand was called back.  It's why Tidus' mom was in the Farplane (Since her summon died).

For comparison purpose; FFX explained that Zanarkand was being summoned by the faith and that Sin was being summoned constantly by Yevon as a way to protect the Faith and Zanarkand.  The Faith were tired and saw the opportunity to break the cycle.  This was fully explained and was the entire purpose/plot of the game.  In FF XIII they NEVER explain, outside of the datalogs, why Bartandalus needed to kill everyone on Cocoon and Pulse.  He needed all the snow things that are created when people die; a huge amount of those would have to cause the Maker to come back to get the souls en mass.  That is never explained in the story and is the main purpose/plot of the game.  See the difference between the two game's story telling?  One actually has it.

Edit: " At no point in the game does Bartandalus explain that he's doing this to see the maker." I was wrong about that, he does say it in your clip.  But I don't believe he mentioned it before that point, nor does he ever mention how the mass deaths of everyone on Pulse and Cocoon would summon the maker (Which is very important since they don't explain the door that Etro opens up to get to the Maker).

look i can't remember every single detail (might replay it soon to refresh my memory) but to me the overall plot was neat and made sense, i liked the party, pulse (cocoon part could have been better), gameplay, soundtrack had also nice tracks (for ex: oerba and sunleth waterscape), and wasn't bothered by ff13 liniarity. if you dig deep enough you might find some inconsistencies in the story but, at least to me, not big enough ones to kill my experiance. so let's leave it there.