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darkknightkryta said:
0815user said:
darkknightkryta said:
0815user said:

sorry but to me the gameplay wasn't broken, the story wasn't poorly told and the party characters definitly weren't flat either. if you would compare cast and story to for example something like xenogears i'd understand your complaints but compared to ffx i can't, sorry. and when it comes to freedom: better 2 interesting options than 10 boring ones.

Sorry to interject here, I couldn't resist.  Gameplay is broken.  Ravager + Healer + Commando = Win on every normal enemy (Lower Level).  Ravagerx2 + Commando = Win on every normal enemy (Higher levels).  It got so bad with me button mashing X (Or A on the 360) that I literally started watching T.V. shows while fighting enemies because it became so monotonous and long.  Story telling is horrible.  Everything important is in the datalogs (Seriously they put the entire war of Transgression and the real motives for Bartandalus in there).  The dialog in the game is horrible.  The characters keep spouting the same non-sense throughout the entire game.  Zazh is the only character that doesn't, but then again he and Vanille are the only characters with actual character development.  Characters are your typical Japanese archtype anime characters and again; there's very little character development.  FFX is very "open" compared to FFXIIII, at least one game lets you go back to almost any point; plus there's quite a fair amount of side quests in FFX(Compared with any FF game).  Can't say the same for the FFXIII.

ok i admit there is some kind of button mashing that can get annoying because i've used an autofire controller to skip that problem too. but that's nothing why i would say the gameplay is broken in general. they just should have added autofire or an autoattack option to mak it more convenient. your

"Ravager + Healer + Commando = Win on every normal enemy (Lower Level).  Ravagerx2 + Commando = Win on every normal enemy (Higher levels)"

statment is definitly not true. you certainly don't win endgame(boss)battles without switching to other setups as well. Maybe you use these setups the most but that does not mean the others are completely useless. when i think back to ffx, i used tidus, rikku and wakka the most. does that mean the other characters were completely broken because this party was the most effective? 

as for the story: the content is in there. you just had to listen closely and read. if you want everything in cinematics prepare to pay way more than 60$ because so far jrpgs haven't reached cod or gta sales.

and if characters in ffxiii talk nonsense about le cie, fal cie and saving the world during the game then characters in ffx talk nonsense about sin, the calm and saving the world too.

Keywords "normal enemies"

You do realize if you don't do the side quests you have no idea what happens to pulse?  You go down to pulse and they explain nothing.  You go to Oerba and they don't even tell you that Fang was the one that cause the village's destruction, and essentially caused the entire war of transgression.  The entire backstory for Bartandalus is in the datalogs, so if you don't read those, you have no idea why Bartandalus is doing this.  Hell I was arguing with my friend; who thought Bartandalus was just some Fal'Cie who wanted to kill people because that's what he does.  Until me and his brother had to explain to him about Etro and the door to the maker.  This is not good story telling AT ALL.  This is an example of what you do wrong in story telling.  You never had this issue in FFX because all the backstory was explained in dialogue or with that Maechen character, explaining every area and its backstory.  There's no encyclopedia for FFX because its not needed.  FF XIII's story doesn't make any sense without the datalogs.

Final Fantasy XIII's dialogue is atrocious.  Every character said the same shit over and over again right near to the end of the game.   FFX's dialogue, while started the anime trend, was well done.  Seeing Yuna break down a little past the midpoint of the game cause she didn't want to die, but kept on a facade to give strength to others, Wakka's character arc was amazing, going from the al bhed hater because of what happened to Chappu.  Lulu's involvement with Chappu and Wakka.  Auron's entire backstory.  Everything was actually written well.  The most development I saw in FFX happened at two parts of the game; Chapter 7 and 8 (Which was really well done).  That's two chapters out of 13.  And even then two of the 5 characters who get developed revert back (Hope freaking out on Pulse was stupid and out of no where considering what happened in Chapter 7 with his father).

Note: I might have the chapters mixed up. 

without the logs he's some sort of lower god who doesn't like the society he's responsible for. so he causes trouble to create chaos which at some point makes an upper god, who's left the world in the past, reappear who then hopefully creates an new, better society. With the logs he's the exact same thing with history. It's not that his doing is totally pointless without the logs. you just get more background info about him and the world in general. i think the logs were a compromise of being cost effective and putting as much story content as possible in there.

now regarding character development: lightning went for an only caring for herself and serah to an caring for others as well character. both lightning and hope overcome their hate for snow. vanille deals with her guilt for causing all this... and so on. i certainly don't see why ffx should be so much better than this.