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BenKenobi88 said: dang 500 talk too much. EDIT: Alright, I guess it is one of the best multiplayer games for casual gamers...but definitely not my favorite. It certainly is fun though. Super Smash Bros ranks way higher in my book...we play both versions every Sunday.
Wii Sport isn't my favourite game eiither ;) But for a large, random group to people coming to my house (i.e. this Sat!), I couldn't think of anything else better to put on. Kwaad - you may be right (about Wii Sports being the best seller). But then, I don't think you can count "packed-in" games - its not fair or right. I'll stand by my prediction that Wii Sports II will be the best selling Wii title ;) (unless Health Pack, Brain Training or Wii Music blow people away....).

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