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3. Super Mario 64 (5 last year)

First Impression 10/10: This was the game that got me into gaming, and if it weren't for the impression the game made on me, with its colorful, imaginative worlds, varied challenges, catchy music, and sheer playability, I likely wouldn't be typing this right now (god knows what i would have gotten into instead...).

Replay 10/10: 120 stars to keep you going after the final Bowser fight, with the motive of seeing Yoshi, but beyond that, many stars present a good challenge that you can enjoy pursuing them again and again.

Technical 9/10: Famous Nintendo polish slips a little here, causing the original game to age somewhat poorly, but the goodness of the game outweighs it on the whole: great music, good and varied level design such that the game never bored you.

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.