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7. Final Fantasy VI (6)

The end of the two dimensional numeric entries in the Final Fantasy series went out with a bang.  Ultimately the transition to the third dimension meant a short lived setback, both graphically and otherwise.  The game breaks itself up into two sections, at the start trying to prevent the world from being destroyed and later dealing with the results of your actions.  The second section means regrouping your party through a series of events based around the individual characters.  Largely the characters you bring back into your fold may be done at your leisure and you get the option of who you want.  Blitzes were a more involved version of the limit type attacks seen in later games and varied amongst the different characters.  The customization level in equips led to a bunch of flexibility up to the point where you can attack 8 times or quadruple cast ultima and allows the enemies to throw more potent attacks at you.  The story in the game remains one of the more epic entries in the series as well.

Primarily an RPG player but have interest in any game that will make me think.