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My 2nd all time favorite FF after FFVII & the 2nd most successful FF after FFVII regarding sales, FFX have amazing battle system new approach on summons (Aeons) were u call them to fight in place of u, superb soundtrack, likeable characters, a mini-game were u can manage & play with a team a futuristic soccer/polo kind of game (it was very addictive for me), a newly introduced leveling system that it was so amazing that games & games have copied it again & again, another plus is that this game make u really care about the characters I still feel connected to them 10+ years after I finish it for the first time (& this was the last FF that make me care..) , also there was so many secrets to find & so many badass bosses to fight I can keep on going & going on why this game was so amazing if there was 1 minus I can find is the lack of world map that's it other than that the game was a MASTERPIECE!


(If there is still some JRPG fan out there who haven't played it yet go grab the HD version in a few months u won't regret it!)