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AZWification said:

             What the subject says.. I  came with the idea of this thread because this is the Final Fantasy since VI that always stood out to me.   VI  is universally loved and  there are few people who don't like it, VII while it is outdated,  it  is still a  decent JRPG.  VIII started to get a good chunk of hate during the last decade or so and  that  really hurt the game's reputation. IX is a cult classic and the most loved FF game by both critics and fans. XII is a generally disliked FF game even though it also has a good chunk of fans who enjoy it. XIII, XIII-2 and X-2 are universally hated so fuck 'em. 

               I always thought  FFX was something 50%/50% to me.. The graphics are beautiful, the music is OK, the characters are  pretty decent  minus a few exceptions (*cough* Rikku * cough* Tidus *cough*) and the battle system is  good, but the voice acting is terrible, the game was just too fucking linear and the story overall was unoriginal and lazy.

             So, what are your opinions on Final Fantasy X? Is it a great game, is it the first bad Final Fantasy game ever or is  it simply disappointing, yet good?

Well it was the first FF game with voice acting, idk what you expected but its good for their first time and I thought the music was really good, on par with the best FF music.  Also the story was unoriginal and lazy?  Name off the other games that had a similar story, JRPGs almost always tease a relationship between a boy and a girl but they never go all the way which FFX did in the end and I give them credit for that, still one of my favorite endings in a video game.