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5. Pokemon Gold and Silver (last year 9)

First Impression 9/10. The second generation of Pokemon probably got the most hype going in, with the only possible rival being the recent 6th due to the 3D transition: a whole new world of Pokemon to experience with the old world from the original games tacked on as well. A few nasty gym leaders (like Whitney and her Rollout spam) are what keep it from being a straight 10.

Replay 10/10. The best Pokemon postgame, without rival so far (closest is 5th gen, and that's still a ways back). Mystery Gift battles helped boost the score too.

Technical 9/10. Again due to the excellent postgame, and critical changes to the Pokemon formula including introducing breeding and splitting the Special skill, as well as introducing the Dark type and fixing Ghost and Bug type's problems so that psychic was finally brought down from being the default god-type, the only thing missing from the modern Poke-formula are abilities.

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.