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6. Mario Tennis (8 last year)

First Impression: 9/10. The game had that pitch-perfect Mario charm, as well as an interesting cast of characters that were new to me (or just new, like Waluigi, but also introduced me to Birdo, Baby Mario, DK Jr, and Daisy), and the game just had so much to unlock that it kept me fascinated for quite some time.

Replay: 10/10. Many modes, many characters, and a linkup to the Game Boy Color Mario Tennis RPG allowing you to cross-train your characters, despite the game's simple premise, replay was practically infinite.

Technical: 9/10. The tennis mechanics are basic compared to, say, Virtua Tennis, but the mechanics are solid enough to keep a good strategy going while sticking to basic tennis (unlike Power Tennis, where the Power moves meant you had to clear the field of defensive possibilities). Multiple characters and modes took care of the rest.

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