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#08 - Metal Gear Solid (Kudos to Wright for guessing this)

I replayed Metal Gear Solid on my Vita recently and it made me realise what a timeless game this is.  Really, aside from some slightly-dated-by-modern-standards controls and Snake's complete lack of eyes, everything else about this game is still a masterpiece of the highest order.

Featuring one of the more ridiculous yet actually comprehensible plots I've played in a game, mixed in with some fantastic characters (even the villains were fleshed out well in this game - I felt truly sorry after killing Sniper Wolf) and great stealth action gameplay; it remains one of my favourite games to this day.  The bosses are just endlessly creative and some of them (bike chase with Liquid) actually made me feel like I was in an action movie which was just absurd at the time.  I can see why Kojima went with the direction he did for future games.

All in all, fantastic.  And since I brought it up... *sniff*: