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7. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (6 last year)

First Impression 9/10. I played Path of Radiance in 2005 and loved it, playing it multiple times between its release and Radiant Dawn's, so the hype of a direct sequel led me right through my first playthrough and the game did not disappoint.

Replay 10/10. 40 maps to fight on and lots of different characters to try out, including the option to leave characters with one army or another in some cases, as well as building armies from mostly-scratch for Part IV of the game.

Technical 9/10. The game did a lot to improve from Path of Radiance in terms of accessibility, giving you more control over the Laguz soldiers and how they transformed, and altered how level-ups with Bonus EXP worked, punishing you for over-using BEXP but also rewarding you for doing it smartly. Ranged combat was now possible from higher and lower terrain, adding depth to the strategy. The only real flaw is that the crutch characters just proliferate like mad in this game with the Laguz Royals and playable Black Knight.

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.