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8. Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II (4 last year)

First Impression: 9/10. I remember spending a lot of time reading about the dreamcast version in an issue of EGM, and the idea of playing cooperatively with people from all over in an RPG environment really fired my imagination, and the game did not disappoint in that regard, though like most RPGs, it's a little slow to start.

Replay: 10/10. Hundreds and hundreds of hours invested into two characters, despite the fact that the game really only had 8 areas and 8 bosses, the side-missions and the main game were just endlessly playable, due to the variety of character builds and the many people you could meet.

Technical: 8.5. It was semi-real time combat (think more like KOTOR, except that you issued commands in real-time) which made for a sometimes-clunky experience, but once again, the vast variety of items and character builds, as well as the variety of enemies, make the game quite solid from a technical perspective.

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