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Wright said:
colafitte said:

Maybe "nostalgic" wasn't the most accurate word, just take "conservative", but respecting the first point, it's not a joke... there's something bad associated against Microsoft here. I don't know if this is just a thing about the numerous jokes against Windows as a SO over the years or something else....but when in Spain you receive a bad impression, it's very difficult to change people's mind.

Hmmm...since there's another poster who shares your same idea, you could be right, then. Never thought there was so much hate, though. Maybe it was due to Win 98 presentation?

I don't know why the reasons are exactly...., but i know how we are here, and if something starts to be a recurring joke and become succesfully discredited, everyone jumps to it and starts doing the same, and after some time, you don't know why you do it, but you do it because every one is doing it..., just because is fun.

So probably, this started as a joke with Windows blue screens..., or maybe some joke about Bill Gates..... Sincerely i don't know and i don't share that opinion... I spent my 4 years studying informatics listening one of my teachers (and every smartass about computers) trashing Windows every time they can....

But i don't think is just Spain in respect of Microsoft brand. I remember seeing a UK documental about brand loyalty and they were talking about Xbox and Playstation, and they stated how Xbox was very well received because there wasn't any Microsoft label or symbol seen in the hardware, so people didn't connect Xbox with Microsoft. Aparently, they said that because in a poll they made, Microsoft was not as well regarded as other brands....(I think this was around 2007).

So maybe, Microsoft used Xbox 360 to clean their image putting a lot of effort in UK, but, maybe they didn't do the same in Spain....