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9. Super Mario Galaxy (last year 10)

First impression: 10/10. One of very few games to inspire awe in me outright from the start. The Mario *magic*, the feeling that pretty much got me into gaming in the first place, was back in spades here, somewhat missing from Super Mario Sunshine. From the epic score to the beautiful observatory and the colorful, fantastical levels, it sucked me in and kept going right off.

Replay: 7.5/10. For whatever reason, replaying the game again as Luigi didn't wow me as much as it should have (something i felt was better implemented in Galaxy 2), though it was a great surprise after the post-game letdown that was Sunshine.

Technical: 10/10. The game is basically platforming poetry in motion. The gravity mechanics keep you thinking and are brilliantly managed at every turn. The music again gets good mention here for being some of the strongest ever in a Mario game or period, the bosses were original, and there were lots of different types of Galaxies to keep you entertained.

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