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11. Okami (11)

The concept of running around as a wolf with a magic paintbrush and using it to change the environment around you seems almost katamari-crazy at first, but after a while just feels normal.  The game at first feels a bit short before achieving its RPG length with a zelda-like midgame boss.  The normal battles have a little bit of variety thrown into the techniques used to kill different enemies but the boss battles are where the game really shines.  In boss battles, figuring out how to use your various abilities to take down the enemy is a fun puzzle and enjoyable to execute.  Outside of battle there are numerous things to collect and upgrades to achieve for different items.  The special part of this game is the ability to draw your attacks and platforming tools using the paint brush as you learn new brushstrokes.  These techniques allow you to change the time of day and do everything from a simple slash to a bomb, or blooming flowers to walking up walls.  The story ties in mythology nicely and the art style is beautiful as well.

Primarily an RPG player but have interest in any game that will make me think.