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#12 - Super Mario Galaxy (Kudos to no-one for guessing this)

Surprised no-one guessed this.

Super Mario Galaxy is everything I love about 3D platformers.  Lots of exploration.  Lots of collecting things.  Beautiful, colourful worlds.  Plenty to do and lots of variety in gameplay.

What made Mario Galaxy better was all the extra stuff.  The galaxy controlling mechanic was fantastically implemented - better than Ratchet & Clank imo.  Running around the hub world was a fantastic touch and I loved how it was slowly revealed over time.  The mix of different worlds was fantastic and I never got tired of any of the themes that were re-used throughout the game.  Oh and the soundtrack was blooming fantastic, really added to the atmosphere of the game.

Really enjoyable title and I hope we see a Galaxy 3 somewhere down the line.