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13. Portal 2 (10)

Not much regressed in this addition, as I only had a slight preference for the predecessor's story.  The game is much longer and does so without wearing out its welcome.  They managed to keep GLaDOS' murderous personality and add the Wheatley and Cave Johnson characters.  The addition of all the different goo's provides a plethora of puzzle solving options, especially when combined. Sadly, the portal goo can rapidly degenerate into being slung everywhere to try to solve puzzles (although this can be fun). This was thankfully subverted on a few occasions where other gels had to be placed more carefully. The addition of co-op and extra levels allows for even more play opportunities.  The experience lived up to to everything I could have expected and I'd still be delighted to play more.

Primarily an RPG player but have interest in any game that will make me think.