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shams said: At the end of March we'll get the shipment forecasts for each console for the next 12 months. I believe Nintendo will announce 12-14million Wiis to be shipped. I don't think they can manufacture more than that. That gets the Wii around 18m-20m (sold) end of FY2007 (March 2008). I think its pretty amazing the Wii is now only 4mill behind the 360 (globally) - and its only been a few months.
They are at 5million. in 4 almost 5 months of produciton. They are likely to get their production up to 1.5million before the end of the year. But that still leaves them with another 13-15million to make before the end of the year. Wich would account for ramping production up as high as it would ever get. I'd say more likely 15million. total.

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