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soulfly666 said:
Mr Khan said:
14 was the *first* time the franchise protagonist blew up a planet, a place said protagonist had supposedly already blown up back in the first game of the franchise.

Super Metroid?

You're right.

14. Super Metroid (15 last year) first impression 8.5, replay 8.5, technical 9.5

Pros: The 2D Metroid formula polished to a perfect sheen, exploration with enough "soft guidance" from the game's very design so that you'll never really get intractably lost like you could in the original Metroid, but without any overt guidance of any sort. Difficulty curve is just right, bosses are epic and in some cases, quite clever.

Cons: I've just never appreciated 2D games quite as much. Nothing the game did wrong, just a personal preference thing.

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.