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jlmurph2 said:
The Fury said:

I find pre-orders weird. Are there really more Xbox One owners who want Titanfall than Xbox 360 owners want Titanfall? Or maybe it's just a case that those people who are likely to pre-order a game at all, are also likely to pre-order a console.

You think people WANT the noticably weakest version of a blockbuster? Plus, it'll never be advertised FOR the 360 or PC on TV, its going to sell Xbox Ones.

You think people can AFFORD the noticably stronger console and version of a blockbuster for that console? Strongest version will be on the PC. :) Gamers know this and gamers are also the ones that preorder. I understand your points but I'm still thinking 360 version of this game will sell more.

Yes, people can afford the stronger consoles. Casuals won't waste their time with PC though. Look at this list and show me ONE game thats higher on 7th gen than it's 8th gen counterpart. People like new things, it doesn't matter if Titanfall is on 360, it won't have the same features, graphics or player count. Its not even the same developer. THAT is why it is the weakest, not because PC > everything.