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15. Pokemon SoulSilver (13)

This is what I think is the most complete game in the series.  The definitive pokemon for me it improved ever so slightly on the original Silver version with the addition of new pokemon and extra events.  The critical feature of the two games that extends them beyond any of the others is the size of the world.  You feel like you're done at the elite four but there is still an entire set of gyms, a more powerful version of the elite four, and a battle with red atop Mount Silver to complete.  Add in what this game added to the series, different pokeballs, new ways to evolve, the pokegear, and that tiny breeding thing and you have a masterpiece.  SoulSilver went further to bring your pokemon into the world with you giving another chance to see those that you have collected.

Primarily an RPG player but have interest in any game that will make me think.