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JEMC said:
Pemalite said:

Yep. Include me!
My Steam profile is:

JEMC said:
Oh, my... zarx is here. Now the other 2 dangerous ones are Rhonin and okr, which have something like hundreds of Steam games and will be a PITA for the poor souls that gets them...

And now, by Murphy's law, I'll be one of them -.-

I have more games than Zarx. (Kiwi looses to the Aussie yet again! :P <3)
Link me to Rhonin and okr? :P

Fine, you have more games than okr, but rhonin still wins

okr: 124 games_

rhonin the wizard: 447 games_

I don't know where you guys take time to play them all.

Edit: But both of them have a higher level than you .

I don't get to play them often, not at the moment anyway, but my brother uses my Steam account on my other PC often and spends my money.
I'll be going back to University in January to change careers, so I will have plenty of time. :)

Thus far Rhonin has the most games, about 120 more than me.

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