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Pemalite said:

Yep. Include me!
My Steam profile is:

JEMC said:
Oh, my... zarx is here. Now the other 2 dangerous ones are Rhonin and okr, which have something like hundreds of Steam games and will be a PITA for the poor souls that gets them...

And now, by Murphy's law, I'll be one of them -.-

I have more games than Zarx. (Kiwi looses to the Aussie yet again! :P <3)
Link me to Rhonin and okr? :P

Fine, you have more games than okr, but rhonin still wins

okr: 124 games_

rhonin the wizard: 447 games_

I don't know where you guys take time to play them all.

Edit: But both of them have a higher level than you .

Please excuse my bad English.

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