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Normchacho said:
Nirvana_Nut85 said:
BeElite said:

It must be a fairy tale to you, casue to know something bombed you first need to know its numbers.

Had to requote this, did you see the latest numbers....Did yah :P :P :P ?

Seems like the whole EU was only 24% of first week sales for GT5 (GT5 first week 1.03mill vs GT6 245k  of previous GT sales!)

Add that to N.A (240k) and Japan (200K) that's only 685K, quite the fall compared to GT5's 2.38 mill opening week. I believe that means GT6 has only opened up to 29% of GT5's opening weekend. 

Can you say BOMB!!!!!!

You seem to really be pushing "bomb" despite the fact that  we don't know the full/real numbers yet. That, and even if the current numbers (and your estimate for Japan) were correct that's still certainly no "bomb". It's also important to remember that GT5 came out on a wednesday while GT6 came out on a friday.


Ooooh btw, I wouldn't really trust the numbers yet.

USA pre-orders- 243,968

USA week one sales-240,550

You really think they sold LESS copies than the pre-orders? hahahaha!

No, I beleive the preorders were innacurate.

SMW3D came out on a Friday as well and with the sales it did on a console of only 4 Million (now in the ballapark of 4.5) it was an apparent bomb so therefore GT6 must be a bomb as well!. Read my posts through the whole thread and you'll understand what I'm doing!

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