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dsage01 said:
Biggest flop of the year? When I said it earlier this year tons of times everyone was laughing at me until they converted my beliefs to think it would be a huge hit along with VGC pre orders which was historically off. Releasing it for the PS3 at this time (they should have just waited a year and release it on the PS4)...would have had much more sales.

Relatively? Probably yes, unless CoD: Ghost dropped over 67% below CoD: BO2? Although nothing was a bigger flop than Fuse this year.

It's weird seeing Sony's top 2 biggest franchises have new games release this year and they both reviewed in the low 80s and sold much worse than their predecessors, although out of the two at least GoW has the excuse of being just a prequel and more focused on MP.

Week 1:

GoW:A = 700k vs GoW III = 1.4m (-50%)

GT6 = ~790K (685k + ~15% others) vs GT5 = 2.4m. (-67%)


I hope both come back with a bang on PS4, I want GT7 to recapture my lost love for the series and GoW4 to focus on what made the trilogy masterpieces and not let MP degrade it. They are the only Sony franchises to have games that have passed 6m without mass bundling so they have to be handeled more carefully from now on.