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16. Super Mario Sunshine (26 last year), first impression 9, replay 10, technical 7.5

Pros: Captures most of what made Super Mario 64 fun to play with its continued focus on exploration: bigger worlds, more elaborate shine-challenges, lots of neat little bonuses along with 240 blue coins to collect. Plaza Delfino is the best overworld they've established so far, and the FLUDD pack allowed for tremendous parkour-esque exploration opportunities that Nintendo hasn't matched yet.

Cons: It feels like the most kiddy of the mainline Marios, with its goofy plot and Bowser's voice acting, and much of the setting felt too *real* for a Mario game, missing out on a lot of the magic. Needing to "choose" a sprite at the level loading screen (and then that being the only sprite you could get) cut back on exploration, paving the way for its almost total abandonment by the time Galaxy rolled around.

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.