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18. The Legend of Dragoon (18)

This masterful PS1 game has stood up really well over time. I'm normally not a fan of games that require fast thinking or reactions but the timing mechanic for additions in this game really kept you engaged in the battle.  I could have done without button mashing to make item attacks more powerful but the idea made up for it.  Dragoons were wonderful as they were almost like summons that you got to exchange for your character in battle.  Later in the game they were almost a necessity to keep your defense and health high enough to survive.  This also meant that you had to manage when you went into your dragoon form.  I thought the story surpassed that of most rpgs and would have loved to learn even more of the lore (prequel please!).  The dragoon cutscenes were fun to watch in an anime sort of way as well.

Primarily an RPG player but have interest in any game that will make me think.