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Lawlight said:
benji232 said:
Lawlight said:
benji232 said:
Lawlight said:
3DS overtracked by 400K? Looks like I'll be winning my bets, afterall :)

You still never responded me in that thread for the bet. I guess you chose to ignore it afterall or you can still accept the bet here: Nintendo will ship 15M units in their fiscal year ending march 31st 2014. The bet is still up for grabs if you want.

I didn't see your post. 15M? That's a very, very, very safe bet for you. That's a little bit more than the best PS3 year.

Well here You even said it yourself multiple times that you didn"t believe that they would sell 15M units. Also as I said in the other post, you can't just use Q4 2013 shipments and add them up with Q1-Q3 2013 shipments, it just does not work like that. 


We're going to be using Q4 2012, Q1-Q3 2013 so January to December. It's good that you think that Nintendo can ship 9.87M 3DSs during October to December.

You really don't get it? I said it multiple times, you can not combine a quarter of 1 fiscal year and 3 quarters of anothr and call that a year of shipments. So let me repeat it once again for you, there are 2 possibilities for bets here:

1. We use VGC/NPD/Famitsu/MC for sales data (Sales, NOT shipments).

2. We use Nintendo's shipments for fiscal year 2014.

You choose between the 2. 

Predictions for LT console sales:

PS4: 120M

XB1: 70M

WiiU: 14M

3DS: 60M

Vita: 13M