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#20 - Wild ARMs 3 (Kudos to Kupo for guessing this)

Cracking my top 20 is - in my opinion - the greatest JRPG of the sixth generation.  Wild ARMs 3 was a culmination of the previous two games' design choices, and was definitely the high point in this brilliant series.

In my opinion, everything just worked perfectly.  Dungeons were really well designed and brilliantly interactive thanks to each character's special skill.  The plot, stretched out over 60 hours for me, kept me entertained the whole time thanks to the chapter design bringing in a new element each time.  The combat system, merely an evolution of Breath of Fire's turn based battles, worked perfectly well.  The characters were all interesting, particularly Jet and Clive (who felt nothing like a traditional character to me - family man?!).  Everything was just great.

And best of all, it was a bloody western JRPG.  Like literally, set in the wild wild west with horseback battles; six shooters and deserts.  Really, really enjoyable.

Oh, and the soundtrack is fantastic.