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Really fell off the wagon here

21: Monster Hunter Tri/Ultimate (14 last year), first impression 7.5, replay 10, technical 8

Pros: Playtime value, full stop. Earlier this year i spent *three months* playing the Wii U version of Ultimate, and that was me focusing almost exclusively on getting all of the Lances maxed out (a bit of time spent on dual swords and longsword). All the weapons, all the armors, all the monsters, there's just endless stuff to do. The game is very well balanced for the most part.

Cons: Drop-rate "choke points," basically. Often there's this one item you need that has an ultra-low drop-rate that just totally arrests your ability to progress. Some monsters (cough, Rathalos, cough) are downright mean.

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.