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JGarret said:
About Pachter and his estimates for the Wii U:

November 2012:
450K prediction -> 425K reality
25K over-predicted (-5.55%)

December 2012:
675K prediction -> 463K reality
212K over-predicted (-31.41%)

January 2013:
125K prediction -> 57K reality
68K over-predicted (-54.40%)

February 2013:
80K prediction -> 66K reality
14K over-predicted (-17.50%)

March 2013:
55K prediction -> 68K reality
13K under-predicted (23.63%)

April 2013:
55K prediction -> 37K reality
18K over-predicted (-32.72%)

May 2013:
32K prediction -> 33K reality
1K under-predicted (3.13%)

June 2013:
38K prediction -> 42K reality
4K under-predicted (10.53%)

July 2013:
30K prediction -> 29K reality
1K over-predicted (-3.33%)

August 2013:
30K prediction -> 31K reality
1K under-predicted (3.33%)

September 2013:
55K prediction -> 95K reality
40K under-predicted (72.72%)

October 2013:
75K prediction -> 50K reality
25K over-predicted (-33.33%)

November 2013:
150K prediction - ? reality

The Gamecube´s worst November, before the Wii launched, was a year before, in 2005, when it sold that point, the system was practically on its deathbed, with no significant releases.

It´s bad enough the Wii U has been performing worse than the GC, when one compares both systems´first year, but it´ll be astonishingly bad if the Wii U has actually sold worse than the GC in November 2005, considering it´s one of the busiest shopping seasons, Mario 3D World, etc..

Since you have seen fit to repost this from the other thread, I too will repost my response from the same thread.

VGChartz Estimates for Wii U in Comparison to NPD:

November 2012:
412K prediction -> 425K reality
13K under-predicted

December 2012:
665K prediction -> 463K reality
202K over-predicted

January 2013:
79K prediction -> 57K reality
22K over-predicted

February 2013:
38K prediction -> 66K reality
28K under-predicted

March 2013:
85K prediction -> 68K reality
17K over-predicted

April 2013:
46K prediction -> 37K reality
9K over-predicted

May 2013:
37K prediction -> 33K reality
4K over-predicted

June 2013:
44K prediction -> 42K reality
2K over-predicted

July 2013:
36K prediction -> 29K reality
7K over-predicted

August 2013:
49K prediction -> 31K reality
18K over-predicted

September 2013:
101K prediction -> 95K reality
6K over-predicted

October 2013:
86K prediction -> 50K reality
36K over-predicted

VGChartz has estimated a total of 1.68 million through October vs Pachter's 1.7 million. VGChartz is more accurate than Pachter.

At the very least, on average Pachter is no more accurate -- and has been no more "generous" to the Wii U -- than VGChartz.