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ethomaz said:
JGarret said:
About Pachter and his estimates for the Wii U:

November 2012:
450K prediction -> 425K reality
25K over-predicted (-5.55%)

December 2012:
675K prediction -> 463K reality
212K over-predicted (-31.41%)

January 2013:
125K prediction -> 57K reality
68K over-predicted (-54.40%)

February 2013:
80K prediction -> 66K reality
14K over-predicted (-17.50%)

March 2013:
55K prediction -> 68K reality
13K under-predicted (23.63%)

April 2013:
55K prediction -> 37K reality
18K over-predicted (-32.72%)

May 2013:
32K prediction -> 33K reality
1K under-predicted (3.13%)

June 2013:
38K prediction -> 42K reality
4K under-predicted (10.53%)

July 2013:
30K prediction -> 29K reality
1K over-predicted (-3.33%)

August 2013:
30K prediction -> 31K reality
1K under-predicted (3.33%)

September 2013:
55K prediction -> 95K reality
40K under-predicted (72.72%)

October 2013:
75K prediction -> 50K reality
25K over-predicted (-33.33%)

November 2013:
150K prediction - ? reality

The Gamecube´s worst November, before the Wii launched, was a year before, in 2005, when it sold that point, the system was practically on its deathbed, with no significant releases.

It´s bad enough the Wii U has been performing worse than the GC, when one compares both systems´first year, but it´ll be astonishingly bad if the Wii U has actually sold worse than the GC in November 2005, considering it´s one of the busiest shopping seasons, Mario 3D World, etc..

He is not that bad how the people here says...

He is not as good as you think, most of us did way better during the prediction league days

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