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Arcturus said:
Nirvana_Nut85 said:

With only 204, 784 copies moved in its first week (compared to 424,737 for GT 5) it would seem that the GT 6 has not even managed to move half the copies of the previous entry in the series which was also released to a smaller userbase. Will we see a similar scenario in  N.A & the E.U? Thoughts?

Thoughts? Are we looking at comparable data here?

Where did you get 424,737 for GT5 from? It that a full week's worth of sales (7 days)? The sales data you linked to is for the week of Dec 2 to Dec 8, but GT6 wasn't released until Dec 5th, so we're looking at 3 days worth of sales.

Grade: C-
Show your work next time.

My bad, forgot to add that I used VG #'s for first week sales of GT5.

GT5 was released on a Thursday in Japan (November 25th,2010) and GT6 on a Thursday as well Dec 5th therefore, we are looking at the same time frame (not including EU and N.A). I would also say B, not C-!

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