d2wi said:

With the turn of the new millenium, and the world becoming a lot more liberal, I think straights are getting shit on a lot more than gays nowadays.

Gays can basically say anything about straights, and don't get branded any label, but if a straight guy says something about a gay guy, every single fucking liberal on earth will jump down your throat and call you homophobic.

Like, I think there's a lot more heterophobia than homophobia nowadays.

Oh please! You can't be serious. Straight people have it so bad, they can be called homophobes! The horror!

Meanwhile, gay people can get thrown in jail in Russia for "propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations" and in some countries it's a capital offense. Even in Canada, where I was allow to marry my boyfriend, I would never feel comfortable walking hand in hand with him in the street or to give him a quick kiss in public which are things any straight couple takes for granted.

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