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Awesome idea for a thread!

I'm going to let "join" mean since I first started visiting the thread, cause I visited regularly in 2007, but this profile was only created in 2009...

- got a bsc in theoretical physics
- gave away all my shit (including my prized gamecube collection)
- became a monk and was celibate
- went back into the wild and had a great time
- made a ton of money very quickly and bought a huge tv, surround sound and every console available
- was a high school math teacher for a year
- started studying again
- got a honours degree in nuclear physics
- got married
- got depressed
- got devorced
- had to pay the woman a lot
- gave away all my shit again. literally. *sigh*
- moved back into a monastary as a student-monk
- realized that'll never work out and moved out
- realized that I shouldn't have given away all my stuff as I can't play "The Last of Us"
- moved into a penthouse by the beach
- started surfing
- started dating a millionaire - oh hell yes
- living the high life
- got master's in nuclear physics (technically I'm still waiting for the review)