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#23 - Left 4 Dead 2 (Kudos to BasilZero for guessing this)

L4D2 was honestly a massive, massive shock for me.  I got gifted it by a friend on steam and genuinely didn't know what to expect.  About a month later after spending copious amounts of time with it, it got easily promoted to be among my favourite games of all time.

What makes L4D2 so great is just that I want to keep going back to it.  The content is the same.  The maps don't change; but what does change is the zombies that will come at you and the people/AI's that you play with.  No two runs are ever the same.  I wanted to keep running through Hard Rain's atmospheric level; I wanted to keep filling up the tank of a car with fuel because I never knew when that tank would appear and rape us into oblivion.  

Throw in plenty of other modes to keep you occupied and some community made content that's pretty damn impressive, and L4D2 is a game everyone should check out.  I can't wait to hear about L4D3, even though I know Valve have a reputation to uphold about three-quels.