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26. Chrono Trigger (7)

Time travel can be a tough thing to get right, and Chrono Trigger includes time travel nearly as well as any game I've ever played.  The time travel is mostly story based but allows you to find extra items and explored the same world map in many ways.  Your party of characters feels more alive because of the myriad of backgrounds created throughout different eras.  Removing random encounters and allowing you to see your enemies on the world map also made the game more immersive.  The game is designed such that each era actually feels like its own game, even yough you know you are working toward a bigger goal.  The equipment in this game is better for the lead up and loreplaced behind it. Techs added a light spacial element to battle, and more importantly multiple characters can combine to use more powerful attacks.  The story and exploration in this game are fantastic and kept me eagerly awaiting what would happen within the next hour.  This game lacked the long grinds attributable to most RPGs and made the battles far more interesting.

Primarily an RPG player but have interest in any game that will make me think.