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27. Super Mario Galaxy

With Mario blasting off into space it was fair to wonder if they've finally stretched things a little thin but the result was wonderful.  The solid platforming experiences of Mario continued and there were plenty of levels to keep you busy, happy, frustrated, and coming back for more.  The jump to space means the addition of selectively working gravity, but since it is consistent in its behavior and a lot of fun, the lack of realism does nothing to hurt the game.  The powerups in the game were well crafted and used as a requirement rather than an aid.  Aside from the bee powerup I found the rest to be fun to play with and having a lot to add to the gameplay.  The levels were good and the goals in each would tend to vary from standard platforming to more minigame type levels (perhaps this is my frustration with the rolling ball speaking out).  Add in the prankster comments which force you to repeat a level with no conditions thrown in and you get another layer of depth.  After beating the game you can play as Luigi who slides around a little more.  In many ways Luigi's gameplay feels like what I wanted the whole game to be.  Truly, I had fun in this game just from the chances to use planet gravity to hop around.

Primarily an RPG player but have interest in any game that will make me think.