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28. Mario Kart Double Dash (23)

Of all the Mario Kart games I felt like this one offered my favorite selection of tracks.  The two player kart mechanic added extra fun for parties and a little more strategic choices in items.  In addition the changes to the powerslide technique were welcome to at least me due to my distaste for figuring them out in Mario Kart 64 time trials.  Among the tracks I liked:  Baby Park - This one felt completely original for its small size and was quite interesting with more laps. Daisy Cruiser - running through all the different paths on, of all things, a cruise ship felt like a really creative course.  Walugi Stadium - Took all of the great parts about the Wario Stadium course and somehow turned every race into a completely crazy adventure.  DK Mountain - It had a cannon and a long windy downhill section, end of story.  The Entire Star Cup: Wario Colosseum, Dino Dino Jungle, Bowser's Castle, Rainbow Road - The courses felt complex enough that people were going to make mistakes and it really would let you figure out who was the best.  I still think that these are the best Bowser's Castle and Rainbow Road courses created to date.  The addition of more racers in grand prix was also great and I the blue shells are slightly less of an annoyance because of how fun it is to try to dodge them or at least get others caught as well.

Primarily an RPG player but have interest in any game that will make me think.