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29. Pokemon X (NR)

This earned its spot by being the best Pokemon game since Gold and Silver.  Just about the only thing I was disappointed with was the somewhat limited postgame in terms of extra areas to explore.  The megas are interesting to track down but aren't a subsitute for the missing legendaries in this game.  The roller blades are genius and make moving around the map far more enjoyable.  The mega evolutions really shake up the gameplay which has bee rather stagnant for quite some time.  The fairy type presents some interesting matchup considerations especially when combined with various other types.  The wild pokemon balance is exquisite in each region and really makes the world seem more interesting when you run across a large variety in even the starting areas.  The game is extremely generous, throwing multiple starters at you as well as all sorts of items, evidence of just how large the game has become that in order to completely fill out your inventory items have to be essentially thrown at you.  Features like super training have also made breeding pokemon significantly more enticing and allow a broader base of experimentation with pokemon I might not have considered using otherwise.

Primarily an RPG player but have interest in any game that will make me think.