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FrancisNobleman said:

Can someone clarify the wii was discontinued story ?

Because all I read was Wii being discontinued to favor the Wii Mini.

Also, I don't even expect ps3 to sell more 10 million units, let alone 20.

Which is the only truth.

I don't get where the Wii discontinued story comes from either. They've only replaced the original one with a simpler cheaper version in some regions. They also did this with the NES and the SNES and it no different than Sony and Microsoft replacing their consoles with the Slim versions. What this tells me is that the Wii won't be discontinued fully for another few years still at least, like they did with the NES and SNES.

Wii will end it's life at near 105m, and I don't think the PS3 will break 100m. Will it continue to chip away Wii's marketshare? Yes, but it's legs will still be a lot shorter compared to those of the PS1 and 2 because the generation has already lasted so long, this is the extra-time already, and because PS360 combined already beats PS2, meaning 'everybody' has their console.