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#27 - Jak 3 (Kudos to no-one for guessing this)

Marking the end of a series which I started at the beginning of PS2's life; Jak 3 was the culmination of Naughty Dog's efforts to expand the 3D platformer beyond what it had been in the sixth generation and honestly achieved that to great effect.  Spurred on by Rockstar Games and Insomniac Games to make Jak 2 different from its predecessor; Jak 3 returned to what made the original great, while hanging on to the elements which made the sequel so good too.

I think Jak 3 was the first game where I was exploring a giant world that felt so different.  Driving through the desert in the buggy was just crazy amounts of fun after being confined to Haven City in the previous game and it made for some beautiful landscapes and vistas.  The story picked up where Jak 2 left off and was very enjoyable; and plenty of new characters were introduced to get invested in.  But the gameplay was always where it was at.  The mix of platforming and shooting; exploring and adventuring was just the best in the industry at the time, in my opinion.  Jak 3 is a fantastic game.