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bobgamez said:
Netyaroze said:
Dulfite said:

I think ps3 falls well short because the ps3 will decline in sales rapidly over the next 12 months just like the Wii did after Wii U came out.

Thats a bold prediction. Because historically this was never true for Playstation Homeconsoles.  The PS1 sold 11 years the PS2 13 years or something. PS3 will easily sell for 10.

Historically, no playstation console sold less than 80 million, yet here is the Vita. Hostorically, a playstation console didn't sell less than the last, yet here is the ps3.


ps3 is no ps2, not even close.

Never said that its a PS2 but that would be a dramatic change and there is absolutely no indication of that coming true right now so its still a boldm prediction even if it will fall short of PS2 when it comes to legs it will definetly not mutate to the Wii suddenly. The wii was dieing long before the Wii U came out. PS3 is still kicking both situations can not be compared. Its unlikely this will come true we will see a decline thats for sure but it will not be a huge drop off there are still games coming for PS3 and 360 both consoles will sell for a couple of years.