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Checking out the Latest Chart for Last Gen Consoles, I noticed a difference of Less than 20 Million Consoles Separating  Sony's Playstation 3 and  Nintendo's Wii ( with only a little over three million sales separating the two consoles in Japan, a little over a million sales separating the consoles in Europe, and 16 million sales separating the two consoles in America ).

With zero Wii games to be developed in the coming years and with the Wii already having been discontinued in Japan and Europe and the Playstation 3 still performing quite strongly worldwide ( it was the third best selling console last week with sales of nearly 500,000 units ) and with Sony pledging to support the console for a long time ( at least 3 more years I believe ) and groundbreaking exclusives and multiplatform games still being announced to be coming to the PS3 in the coming years ( Persona 5 for Holiday 2014 most recently announced ) plus the price cuts that will still certainly be coming the Playstation 3's way in time, do you think it's possible that Playstation 3 may still complete the Biggest Comeback in the History of Video Games and wind up passing Wii and becoming the winner of the 7th Generation before it is finally retired from store shelves?